Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dell Inspiron Notebooks

I originally ordered a Dell Inspiron 1521 Notebook with midnightblue color on July 3'rd with an estimated ship date of July 18'th. Well July 18'th came and a new estimated ship date of July 25'th was given to me. July 25'th came and a new estimated ship date of August 1'st was then given to me.

On August 1'st I had another estimated ship date of August 25'th. 4 weeks from now.

There are 2 major problems with Dell, one only Black and White colors are available, any other will delay your order. The second problem is that Dell says that the LCD for the notebooks is being delayed as well.

Dell keeps advertising these notebooks, and back to school offers, yet they can not deliver them in a timely manner.

Dell Inspiron Notebooks came on the market on June 27'th 2007 and other than business accounts, no individual has received theirs as of yet unless they are in black from what I can gather.

It appears that it is not on a first come first served basis when receiving your order. Business accounts are taken very well care of first.

So if you are looking for a great computer before school starts in a few weeks, I do not suggest the Inspiron Notebooks. Dell is a mailorder company and due to their manufacturers where they get their parts, there is nothing Dell can do but make us wait.

I have since cancelled my original order to see if I can get a Black one any sooner since they supposedly have the black casings in stock. The only other possible delay would be the LCD screens for the notebooks which according to what I'm told, should be delivered in about 15 days from now.

So when they come in, seeing my color is in stock, I should get my new order sooner than I would have gotten my original order.

Dell is showing very poor business practices. They advertise for a product that they can not deliver on time!

Speak out and post your comments and let's get the word out about Dell!!


Shelley said...

I ordered my Inspiron 1420 on 7/10 with an estimated ship date of 7/26. Then it got backordered to an 8/2 ship date. Now it's been backordered again to 8/27. Reading your entry makes me think I may be in for a long, long wait...I'm calling them today to see if I can get a discount or something, but I may just cancel it and order a refurb. This sucks...I thought Dell was better than this. How can they continue to have discounts on these systems if they're this far behind???

Shelley said...

Me again...I've been on hold for over two hours and their online customer service chat is also full. This is un-freaking-believable. I've never had this many problems with Dell before...

Mastering Microstock said...

I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1521 on 8/5, and the delivery date was 8/20. Since then, my order has been delayed 4 times. I have called customer service each time. Answers vary from, "we don't know anything you don't know" to "it's still in production" to "you should understand that a company like ours has no control over when an product gets made." I was refused "escalation" to a supervisor 3x, with excuses like "he/she is not here" or I was simply hung up on. When I finally got through to 1 manager, he also told me he didn't know when production would be completed and without listening to me further, hung up as well.

See my blog for all the details: